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Carter DeLuca: Your partner in trademark enforcement

Protecting your organization’s brand, reputation and, most importantly, market share, demands vigorous enforcement of your trademarks. Regardless of intent, third parties may seek to register or use similar marks that can cause confusion in the marketplace, dilute your brand and infringe on your intellectual property. A number of enforcement mechanisms are at your disposal, starting with sending a cease and desist letter demanding that the infringing party stop using the mark. If the infringement continues, then proceedings with state or federal courts may be necessary.

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Carter DeLuca works closely with trademark clients to develop an enforcement strategy to uncover and stop third parties from using or registering infringing marks. We also conduct ongoing due diligence by performing trademark searches and monitoring registration activity on behalf of clients. If additional measures are necessary, our attorneys can produce effective cease and desist letters and pursue inter partes cancellation or opposition proceedings with the Trademark and Trial Appeals Board.

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