Original Works Protected

Copyright protection of creative works may help create and maintain your brand and should not be ignored when formulating an intellectual property strategy. Copyrights protect against counterfeit producers and, by providing protection for proprietary ideas, encourage new creations. Enforcement of exclusive rights under copyright laws protects entrepreneurial investment by extending legal protection to industrious individuals and organizations that have created valuable proprietary, intangible assets. Whether you seek to maintain the exclusive right to your creative work, or to generate an income stream by licensing the work, or to invest in the development of a creative work, copyrights can be key assets of great financial importance.

Carter DeLuca has the experience to develop a comprehensive and cost-effective IP strategy for your creative works, recognizing that those creations can benefit from different types of rights (e.g., software may be protected by both copyright and patents; slogans and logos may be protected by both copyright and trademarks). Our team has experience in all aspects of copyright law, including copyright registration, policing and managing copyright portfolios, licensing and ownership agreements, and outsourcing arrangements. Whether your business involves photos, books, films, statues, jewelry, websites, computer software, or other creative works, Carter DeLuca can help you identify, protect, register, and manage copyrights for your creations, both in the U.S. and worldwide.