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Your original work is worth it.

Imitation isn’t flattery, it’s illegal. Copyrights protect against counterfeit producers and provide protection for proprietary ideas. Enforcement of exclusive rights under copyright laws protects entrepreneurial investment by industrious individuals and organizations. 

Whether you seek to maintain the exclusive right to your creative work, generate an income stream by licensing the work, or invest in the development of a creative work, copyrights are valuable financial assets. 

The right team.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of copyright law, including copyright registration, policing and managing copyright portfolios, licensing and ownership agreements, and outsourcing arrangements.  

Whether your organization’s work involves photos, books, films, statues, jewelry, websites, computer software, or other creative works, Carter DeLuca can help you identify, protect, register, and manage copyrights for your creations, both in the U.S. and worldwide. 

Copyright-related services

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