Strategic Assets

A strategically designed patent portfolio can help your business attain exclusivity in a technology and exercise dominance in the marketplace.  Whether you seek to establish a foothold in a technology that is new to your company or maintain your competitive advantage in one of your existing markets, a well-crafted patent portfolio is one of the most powerful means of excluding competitors.

Our team at Carter DeLuca is keenly aware of the significant commercial advantages provided by a carefully planned patent portfolio.  We deliver a powerful combination of technical and legal expertise, and by understanding your technology and business needs, we will help you maximize the value of your patent portfolio as part of an overall intellectual property strategy.  We work closely with inventors to develop a deep understanding of each technological advance. We also consult with your in-house legal, marketing, and business teams to fully appreciate your unique business exigencies.  Through this collaborative effort, we help you leverage the opportunities presented by each new innovation and maximize the impact of your inventions in the marketplace.