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Stand out from the crowd. Make your mark.

While utilizing your marks in the industry provides some basic trademark protection, obtaining official protection through registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office provides a safeguard. Securing trademark protection not only distinguishes your organization from your competitors, but also minimizes the risk of dilution of your brand by similar marks.  

We help you protect your ideas with the maximum advantages the law provides. Our team can help you establish a right of priority over all other users or filers and the exclusive right to use the mark nationwide, legally barring competitors from using your mark. 

Protect your past. Secure your future.

Our trademark attorneys have years of experience in helping organizations identify and protect the unique characteristics of words, logos, designs, and other attributes that define a brand. We preserve your trademark rights and provide you with powerful legal recourse if you encounter an infringement.  

We also work collaboratively with you to evaluate investment opportunities that are well-suited for your portfolio. By strategically branding and developing a portfolio of valuable trademarks, you can gain an even larger competitive edge. 

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