Strategic Assets

Post-Grant Proceedings

Challenging a troublesome patent after it issues may effectively remove that patent as an obstacle to opportunities in new product markets. By undertaking a post-grant proceeding, a troublesome patent may be narrowed or invalidated, license negotiations may be accelerated, and/or litigation may be avoided. Alternatively, when initiated by a patent owner, post-grant proceedings may strengthen an issued patent by resolving questions about the scope or validity of the patent. The patent emerging from the post-grant proceeding may be asserted more confidently in litigation, or be more desirable for license by an interested party.

Carter DeLuca maximizes the impact of post-grant proceedings by conducting extensive prior art searches and analysis, formulating the most effective strategy to achieve desired business objectives. Whether the chosen post-grant proceeding is re-issue, re-examination, post-grant review, inter partes review (IPR), or covered business method review, we identify and provide the quickest and most cost-effective approach to resolve ambiguities in issued patents, providing a greater degree of certainty in running your business.