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New Product Clearance

Carter DeLuca: Your partner for new product clearance

New product launches may be the exciting culmination of years of research and development and add significantly to a organization’s bottom line. All too often, that excitement is tempered by the receipt of a cease and desist letter from a competitor alleging patent infringement, especially if no product clearance investigation was conducted prior to the launch. If well-founded, patent infringement concerns may require a redesign of the product or even withdrawal of the product from the market. In a worst-case scenario, patent litigation may ensue, leading to a permanent injunction preventing the sale of the product and the payment of patent damages. Those damages may be tripled and payment of the competitor’s attorney’s fees may be awarded if infringement is found to be willful.

Why is product clearance so important?

Product clearance is important because it helps in identifying and addressing any potential legal and regulatory issues that a new product might encounter before it enters the market. This process includes examining existing patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights to ensure that the new product doesn’t infringe upon them. It also involves checking for compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Proper product clearance reduces the risk of costly legal disputes and potential market withdrawal, thereby protecting the investment made in the product’s development and marketing. It’s a crucial step in ensuring a smooth and successful product launch.

Contact our product clearance attorneys at Carter, DeLuca, & Farrell LLP

Carter DeLuca proactively evaluates the patent landscape before product launch to identify and address potential infringement risks and help ensure a new product’s expected benefits to a organization’s bottom line. By performing well-strategized searches and exhaustive analysis, we guide navigation of the minefield of potential patent issues, providing design-around advice, freedom-to-operate opinions concerning the product’s technology, and non-infringement opinions concerning specific patents, minimizing the risk of a willful infringement determination.

Where necessary, we develop invalidity positions concerning specific patents and enlist the help of competent foreign associates to evaluate the patent landscape in relevant foreign markets. Our product clearance advice enables clients to launch products with confidence: aware of, armed against, and ready to address potential infringement risks that may exist. Contact our lawyers for a consultation today.

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