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Carter DeLuca: Your Partner In Copyright Application & Registration

While copyright protection is automatic once a work has been fixed in a tangible medium of expression, there are significant benefits of registering your work with the United States Copyright Office. First, copyright registration gives constructive notice to the public that you own the work. This will enable you to avoid disputes over ownership and refute claims of innocent infringement. A proper registration also establishes prima facie evidence of the validity of the copyright, which grants you legal recourse to bring an infringement lawsuit and obtain statutory damages and attorneys’ fees. In order to obtain maximum legal protection of your work or acquisitions, registration is essential.

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Carter DeLuca has significant experience securing copyright registration for a wide range of works in a variety of mediums. While the application is relatively straightforward, proper registration requires thorough consideration of authorship, work for hire issues, and potential fair use and enforcement issues. We provide opinions on copyrightability, fair use, infringement, ownership and title, and help you realize the full commercial value of copyrights, whether those rights are in your own original works or are acquired through mergers or acquisitions.

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