Strategic Assets

Due Diligence

Investing in technology, whether by funding research or by acquiring or merging with a company involved in a complementary field, can be essential for maximizing the value of your patent portfolio and in turn growing your business. Investing in a technology without conducting IP due diligence, however, is like walking across a busy street while wearing a blindfold; in both cases the inability to perceive hazards can result in devastating results. Understanding the risks before investing in a technology or buying a company maximizes the likelihood that your efforts will enhance the value of your portfolio.

Carter DeLuca’s extensive experience in evaluating intellectual property issues impacting potential business opportunities enables you to make informed decisions and invest with confidence. Identifying and understanding latent infringement risks, evaluating the scope of the target’s IP portfolio, and confirming IP ownership are critical for making strategic investments. By collaborating with your technical and business teams, Carter DeLuca can eliminate uncertainties and help you realize the return on investment that you expect. Don’t be blindsided. Let Carter DeLuca uncover potential IP risks before you invest.