Strategic Assets

Preparation & Prosecution

Quality patent preparation and prosecution is the foundation upon which a valuable, strategically designed patent portfolio is built. Quality is reflected in the scope of the patent claims that ultimately issue and the patent’s ability to withstand the rigors of litigation and/or post-grant review.

Carter DeLuca delivers quality patents by beginning with a careful determination of the scope of the claims to be pursued based on the inventor’s disclosure and the prior art. Once fully understood, a patent application is drafted that provides a clear, well-organized description of your technology. In prosecuting the application, we work closely with the Patent Office to issue patents that not only meet the statutory requirements but also are unhampered by superfluous comments in the prosecution file history. Using our technical and legal expertise, we drive collaboration (between inventors, the Patent Office, in-house legal staff, and when possible your marketing and business teams) to create a portfolio that protects your technology, meets your business needs, and maximizes the impact of your inventions in the marketplace.

Ensuring Patent Durability Against Legal Challenges

A key focus is ensuring that the patents can endure the rigors of litigation and post-grant review. This durability is a marker of a well-prepared and prosecuted patent.

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