Strategic Assets

International Patents

In today’s global economy, failing to procure international protection of your innovations will likely put you at a competitive disadvantage. After securing patent rights in the U.S. there is a limited timeframe for applying for patent protection abroad. If your future business plans include manufacturing or selling in Europe, Asia or Australia, prompt action must be taken to secure IP protection in those regions. If innovations are the lifeblood of your company, international patent protection is essential for maintaining your competitive edge.

Carter DeLuca approaches the process of international patent protection from both a technical and business perspective. We strive to understand your business objectives and work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy for attaining international protection for your innovations. Over the years, Carter DeLuca has carefully vetted IP attorneys around the world and developed a trusted network of foreign associates. By combining our skills, we can help you navigate the legal landscape of each country to which your business may expand and obtain meaningful protection for your IP to secure your market position.