Frank Sardone Speaks at the Chicago Toy & Game Inventor Conference

  • Nov 30 2016
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fsOn Thursday, November 17, 2016 and Friday, November 18, 2016, Frank Sardone participated in the Chicago Toy & Game Inventor Conference as a speaker on the topic “Protecting Ideas: Perspectives for Individuals and Companies” and other related IP topics.  The presentation was directed to both new and professional inventors in the toy and game industry and included discussions of the importance of evaluating intellectual property needs (including trademarks and copyrights as well as patents) early in the design and development process, the pros and cons associated with intellectual property, and strategies for individuals and companies, both large and small, on how to protect ideas.

The Chicago Toy & Game Fair was founded in 2003, and has held Innovation Conferences serving professional, new inventors, and company licensors since 2006.  For new inventors, the Innovation Conference is a forum for advocating, educating and bringing together people in the toy and game industry; with unrivaled opportunities for private/confidential meetings, knowledge sharing, learning about new trends, pooling resources and generating new business.  New inventors at the Innovation Conference are able to pitch ideas and meet with executives from the toy and game industry, to learn how to develop products and pitch them effectively, to learn the ins and outs of licensing, self-publishing, social media marketing, and more. The Innovation Conference also provides an opportunity for professional inventors looking to meet with product acquisition and inventor relations executives from around the world to share industry ideas, inventor community issues, wish lists, and pitch concepts.