CDFS Partner George Likourezos Panelist at StartUp Global at CEWIT, Stony Brook University

  • Nov 2 2016
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Carter, DeLuca, Farrell & Schmidt, LLP partner George Likourezos participated as a panelist at StartUp Global at CEWIT, Stony Brook University on October 27, 2016. Mr. Likourezos’s panel was titled Protecting your IPR, Product Certifications and Navigating International Partnerships and Regulations moderated by Philip Hammerstein, Commercial Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service, the Netherlands. The panel also included Michael Perry, Special Agent, Bureau of Industry and Security, Department of Commerce, Peter Donnelly, Director, Office of Technology Licensing & Industry Relations, Stony Brook University and Michael Green, Director of Client and Stakeholder Relations, Sannam S4.