• May 13 2019
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Bradium Technologies LLC appealed final written decisions of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board finding the claims of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,908,343 and 8,924,506 unpatentable as obvious in two inter partes review proceedings. The patents are directed to retrieving large-scale images over network communication channels in low-bandwidth conditions and to displaying such images on client devices with limited processing power.  Bradium asserted that the Board’s construction effectively reads the “limited bandwidth” requirement out of the claims.  Bradium also asserted that different independent claims in the patents solve different problems identified in the written description, and argued that under the Board’s construction, there is no meaningful distinction between claims directed to these different aspects of the invention.  However, the CAFC concludes that the Board did not err in construing the term “limited bandwidth communications channel” to mean “a communications channel whose bandwidth is limited,” as this construction follows the claim’s plain language read in light of the written description. The CAFC also finds that substantial evidence supports the Board’s obviousness determinations, and therefore, affirms.

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